President's Welcome Letter

President’s Welcome 

The 2017-2018 Chapter year started off with a bang with the hosting of a special summer panel session on July 18, 2017 – Colorado Open Records Act Legislation. This was a well-attended and received event. A great big thank you to Jeanne Caldwell for making the arrangements.

Besides planning and hosting the special summer session your Board of Directors has been very busy getting everything in place for another spectacular program year. As we have done over the past two years, we have a program theme assigned for 2017-2018. This year the theme will be Maximizing Your Value – To Yourself, Your Profession, and to Your Employer. A great line up of speakers and topics has been scheduled with two half day workshops and of course, our fabulous Spring Seminar. We are kicking off the Chapter year theme next Tuesday with a great half day workshop on Strength Finders. It promises to be a wonderful event for your professional and personal development. The Board looks forward to seeing you at this event.

If you have not had a moment to check out our new Pre-Pay options, please do so. We have two to offer this year – with or without the Spring Seminar included. The option that includes the Spring Seminar is an exceptional deal because it provides you with an additional $15.00 off the early bird pricing for the Spring Seminar. You have got to love saving money. That is Maximizing Your Value in the truest sense of the word.

We hope that you love the look and feel of the new StarChapter website. Many ARMA Chapters use StarChapter and we love that it offers a Members Only section. We will continue to Maximize the Value of this website and what it can bring to you moving forward.

Your Board of Directors is also hard at work revamping the Denver Dollars program. We are working to make this program a true benefit to both the membership and the Chapter. Stay tuned for the introduction of the revamp of Dollar Dollars! We hope you will like what you see!!!!

I, personally, am so excited to introduce the ARMA Mile High Denver Chapter Charity for the 2017-2018 Chapter year – Tennyson Center for Children. Support of children in desperate, challenging and abusive situations is very much an advocacy of mine. There will be many ways in which the membership will be able to support this organization over this Chapter year. I cannot wait to hand them our Chapter’s BIG CHECK at the end of the Chapter year.

Here’s to a wonderful and maximized Chapter year!!!

Kay Harrington