Surviving in Today's Multi-Generational Workforce

January 16, 2018
7:30 AM MST - 1:00 PM MST
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PPA Event Center
2105 Decatur Street
Denver, CO 80211
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Surviving in today’s multi-generational workforce

The Generation Gap: Understanding the Dynamics of Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial (Gen Y)

Workplaces today are filled with three very different generations of workers, each with diverging values, working styles and goals. Often, this situation is complicated when a Gen X or Y manager is supervising a Baby Boomer.

This interactive workshop will provide role-playing exercises so that participants can experience why the “generation gap” can cause communication difficulties. Participants will also become familiar with the values and communication styles of each generation. This timely knowledge will help to diminish the conflicts that can arise when these innate traits are misunderstood.

Don’t Get Voted Off the Island: SurvivING Office Politics

Are you frustrated by the politics at your office? Are you spending too much energy navigating strained work relationships? Are you one of the “silent troops” in your organization, always successfully completing your projects but rarely receiving recognition or a promotion?

This session will highlight some key best practices that will help you survive and thrive in today’s competitive work environment. You’ll come away with knowledge of common red flag areas of interaction that can derail your career. We’ll also discuss managing difficult bosses and manipulative peers. Finally, we’ll talk about how to become more visible within your company so that you are able to influence your career progression and spend less time devoted to internal battles.

 About Kate Culligan

Kate Culligan is one of Denver’s most well-known career coaches. With 15+ years' experience, she has worked with thousands of professionals, helping them create successful career strategies for surviving change and developing career roadmaps that leverage their talents.  Whether it’s a new role within a company or total transformation to a new career and company, Culligan supplies contacts, re-creates professional marketing materials and provides honest feedback on how to position oneself in the marketplace.

PPA Event Center
Address: 2105 Decatur St, Denver, CO 80211
7:30am: Registration & Breakfast
8:00am-10:00am: The Generation Gap: Understanding the Dynamics of Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial (Gen Y)
10:15am-12:15pm: Don’t Get Voted Off the Island: Surviving Office Politics
12:15pm: Lunch

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$75.00 Member Registration

$80.00 Non-Member Registration

$70.00 Non-Member Student or Retiree