President's End of the Chapter Year Letter


                 We had a great time at our June meeting.  Here are a few pictures:

                       Pictured to the left:


Deputy Kelly Boden and Deputy Jason Ryan

of the Boulder County Sheriff's Department Canine (K-9) Unit

working with K9 Partner Halo


Ed Sturgeon, Mile High Denver Chapter President,

presenting Julie Jury, Pets For Vets representative,

the Chapter Charity check




Pictured to the left:


Chapter Leader of the Year: Joanna Lamb

with Chairperson, Kay Harrington


Chapter Member of the Year: Stephanie McCutcheon

with Chairperson, Kay Harrington


Pictured to the left:

Chapter Student Member of the Year: Meghan Connolly

with President, Ed Sturgeon


It is hard to believe that it is now June 2019 and we are approaching the end of the 2018-2019 Chapter year.  The Chapter year's theme of From RIM to IG and Beyond was a huge success thanks to a dedicated team of Board members, wonderful Business Partners, amazing speakers and presentations and, most importantly, our membership.  At the end of June, I will hand over the reins of President to President-Elect, Guy Mason.  Guy has already begun organizing and planning for the 2019-2020 Chapter year.  We will have some new and enthusiastic members joining the Board along with some of the current Board Members continuing their term.  I know it will be another exciting year for the Mile High Denver Chapter under Guy’s direction as we will be celebrating the Chapter's 50th year in existence.

I want to thank the Board and membership for selecting me to serve as President for the 2018-2019 Chapter year.  It is always with a bit of sadness that one has to say goodbye to a position and the people who made that possible.  This is an amazing organization with such intelligent and wonderful members and to be lucky enough to have served as your President will be one of the most rewarding endeavors I have been given the opportunity to undertake.  It truly was one of the highlights of my professional career.  I will be continuing on the Board in the 2019-2020 Chapter year as I will be stepping into the role of Chairperson and managing the Business Partner program.   I look forward to working with this group of intelligent people who assist, consult, and provide services to make our jobs easier.

I cannot thank the Board of Directors enough for their hard work in handling all of the challenges that we faced throughout this year.  It is with this entire Board and their contributions to the Chapter, which makes the Mile High Denver Chapter of ARMA what it is today.  It has been an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure working alongside these hardworking, dedicated, and talented members of the 2018-2019 Board of Directors:

Kay Harrington, Chairperson of the Board.  Kay has been an amazing support to me.  Her years with the Board, the positions that she served, and her knowledge of the Mile High Denver Chapter were invaluable.  I wish you all the best in your next adventure.  Thank you Kay!!!

Guy Mason, President Elect. I know the Chapter will be in good hands as I pass the reigns over to Guy.  Thank you, Guy, for your support throughout the years!!!

Kim Wendelin, Vice President.  Kim has done her responsibilities for the Chapter with enthusiasm and grace.  She is the one to thank for all of the great meals that we have had throughout the Chapter year at our monthly meetings.  It is with her great efforts that everything that is needed for the meetings to take place is handled in a timely manner.  Thank you, Kim!!!

Katie Tall, Treasurer.  Thank you for coming on the Board in the middle of the Chapter year to take on the challenging role of Treasurer.  This is a very time consuming position that manages the assets of the Chapter and I appreciate all that you do.  Thank you, Katie!!! 

Elle Schalow, Secretary.  Elle has captured the minutes and decisions for all of our Board Meetings as well as filing all of the forms with the State that keep us in existence.  These are important details that don't get seen by others.  All done with a smile and a great attitude.  Job well done, Elle!!!

Holly Geist, Administration Director.  Holly is most likely the first person you see at our monthly meetings as she sits at the registration table greeting our members.  She tracks all of our attendance and does so with a smile.  We were also fortunate to be able to have our Board Meetings at her place of work, Denver Water.  Thank you, Holly!!!

Rebekah Glover, Communications Director.  We see Rebekah's contributions through the regular emails/newsletters that are sent out on behalf of the Chapter.  She also kept us informed through Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.  Thank you, Rebekah, for your dedication every month!!!

Carol Ann Hartnagle, Education Director.  Her friendship, experience, knowledge and support to me over the years has been invaluable.  In all of the positions that Carol Ann has performed throughout the years, she takes them on in full force and has pride in what she does.  This year's Spring Seminar was one of the best.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort and coordination to orchestrate one of the most successful seminars in ARMA.  I cannot wait to see what next year brings.  Thank you, Carol Ann!!!

Ben Gunzenhauser, Membership Director.  Ben has done a fantastic job at coordinating the Chapter's member relations.  His energetic personality and bright smile have brought joy to many of us.  You will go far.  Thank you, Ben!!!

Joanna Lamb, Programs Director.  For two years, Joanna has organized all of the amazing monthly speakers.  She coordinated and marketed the meetings on the web site and was a valuable Board Member who provided input at our Board meetings.  Job well done.  Thank you, Joanna!!!

Elesha Johnson, Web Director.  Elesha took care of the Chapter's website and spearheaded our transition to Dropbox.  The Board now has a place where we can store/share information and manage our Chapter records as we should.  I can't wait to see what you do in the future with the website as this is the place to get the most current information on what is happening in the Chapter.  Thank you, Elesha!!!

Sande Stewart, Member-at-Large.  Sande has held a few positions on the Board and has offered many new and great ideas.  She always volunteers to take on some of the jobs that just need to be done and she does them with a smile.  She has been an inspiration to me and a great friend.  Thank you, Sande!!!

You all made my job easy!!!

Finally, I cannot close out the year without offering congratulations to Bill Bradford as he steps into his new position as President on the Board of Directors for ARMA International.  So proud to see one of our esteemed members move into a position on the Board at the top level of our organization. 

As always, if you have ideas, comments or feedback, the Board wants to hear from you.  Send us email at [email protected], or talk to one of us at the monthly meetings.

Thanks again,

Ed Sturgeon, CRM, CIP