Chapter Member of the Year



Chapter Member of the Year

This award is given to the outstanding Mile High Chapter member (excluding Board members) for the current chapter year as nominated by Mile High Chapter members in good standing. Emphasis is placed on the member's support, participation, and contribution to the success of the chapter, region, and ARMA International activities.

The winner of this award receives a plaque/award from the chapter and reimbursement cost* for one of the following activities: 

  • ARMA International Live registration fee for next upcoming conference;
  • ARMA International and Chapter membership dues plus registration fees for upcoming chapter year monthly educational sessions; half day workshops and the Spring Seminar;
  • CRM testing fees (one sitting for each part of the CRM exam); or
  • IGP testing fee (one time reimbursement).


Please note that request for reimbursement must be submitted prior to June 30 of the incoming chapter year.  Documentation (dated receipts) must be provided to receive reimbursement.  *Reimbursement cost not to exceed incoming Chapter year amount posted for the one activity reimbursement selected by winner. 

The following criteria are considered in making the selection. This is not intended to be all-inclusive, and other factors may be considered such as an individual’s undertaking a special project on his or her own initiative or at the Chapter’s request.

  • Attendance at chapter meetings
  • Participation in committee work
  • Implementation of a new idea or program to improve the chapter
  • Sponsorship of new members
  • Bringing guests to chapter meetings
  • Participation in ARMA International activities (Board of Directors, task force/committee work, annual conference)
  • Participation in outside activities that in some way assist the chapter or advance the records and information management profession (e.g., teaching a course, attending or speaking at seminars or workshops that relate directly or indirectly to records and information management)
  • Contributions to publications or published articles that pertain to the chapter specifically or to the records and information management profession




Year Winner Employer
2018 - 2019 Stephanie McCutcheon CRM, IGP Ricoh USA, Inc.
2017 - 2018 Kristofer (Adam) Speirs Denver Water
2016 - 2017 Sande Stewart South Adams County Water and Sanitation District
2015 - 2016 Su D. Graham CRM, MLS Graham Information Management Associates
2014 - 2015 Matt Kobneck Tab of Colorado
2013 - 2014 Linda Naj, CRM  
2012 - 2013 Sande Stewart  South Adams County Water and Sanitation District
2011 - 2012 Lee Watt  Vail Resorts
2010 - 2011 Mollie Taggart  Oracle Corporation
2009 - 2010 Linda Fukui  DCP Midstream
2008 - 2009 Steven W. Veatch  
2007 - 2008 Kyle Koster  Comcast Corporation
2006 - 2007 N/A  
2005 - 2006 Chris Ames  
2004 - 2005 Sheri Nystedt, CRM  
2003 - 2004 Sheri Nystedt, CRM  
2002 - 2003 Ceal Humpherys  
2001 - 2002 Linda Hughes  
2000 - 2001 Joyce Neeland  
1999 - 2000 Teri J. Mark, CRM  
1998 - 1999 Mark Ferguson, CRM  
1997 - 1998 Charles (Chuck) Schiell, CRM  
1997 - 1998 Wendy Spencer  
1996 - 1997 Richard Wilder  
1995 - 1996 Judy Daniels  
1994 - 1995 Jo Chavez  
1993 - 1994 Ellie Myler  
1992 - 1993 Sarah Colding  
1991 - 1992 Douglas Rollo