2018-2019 Business Partner Registration



Overview of Business Partner Program Benefits

Mile High Denver Chapter of ARMA’s Business Partners receive benefits based on their level of sponsorship in the Business Partner Program. Those benefits include-the following:

  • Profile Page on the Chapter website providing members with your company logo, contact information, business description and link to your website;

  • Opportunities to sponsor certain Chapter events;

  • Specific mention and sponsorship signage at sponsored meeting(s) with opportunity to speak about your company/services;

  • Invitations to attend certain Chapter events;

  • Access to our membership/attendee contact information; based on member “opt-in” feature;

  • Spring Seminar Business Partner Expo opportunity; and

  • Opportunity to sponsor and present a workshop to membership offered free to members prior to educational meeting.


Mile High Chapter Event Descriptions

Networking Events

  • The Chapter will host three networking events during our program year. Business Partners will have an opportunity to interact with fellow members in a causal social environment. The Business Partner that is sponsoring the event will be recognized with printed signage and have an opportunity to present for 5 - 10 minutes to the group of attendees. This setting fosters the development of relationships with Chapter members.

    • If you are not the BP sponsoring the event, then the Chapter requests that any other Business Partner/member attending the networking event refrain from using that event as a sales and marketing opportunity for their business out of respect of the sponsored Business Partner.

Spring Seminar/Business Partner Expo

  • Each year the Chapter hosts an annual Spring Seminar/Business Partner Expo. The Expo provides Business Partners an opportunity to provide information about their services and products and an opportunity to network with decision makers from Mile High Denver Chapter of ARMA representing all types of organizations. All Business Partners are provided a booth for this Expo; attendee registration(s) and meals provided based on level of sponsorship, and the opportunity to interact with Chapter members at the networking session following the event.

Educational Meetings

  • The Mile High Chapter holds nine (9) Educational meetings throughout the year for its members. These meetings include a speaker or other educational presentation along with Chapter announcements and other membership agenda items. These programs are sponsored by select Business Partners who are given the opportunity to meet, greet and network with members. The Mile High Denver Chapter of ARMA reserves the right to choose certain speakers who are, or qualify to be, Business Partners to speak at educational meetings and other events.


Overview of Business Partner Levels

PLATINUM LEVEL PARTNER – $2,250 – Level One (Limited to One (1) Partner) Exclusive recognition as the official sponsor of the Spring Seminar Event, two educational meetings sponsor, recognition at all meetings as Platinum sponsor, sponsor of Spring Seminar networking event plus one additional networking event, and other additional benefits.

GOLD LEVEL PARTNER – $1,500 – Level Two (Limited to Three (3) Partners) Recognition as an official sponsor for one educational meeting sponsor, sponsor of one networking event, and other additional benefits.

SILVER LEVEL PARTNER – $1,000 - Level Three (Limited to Four (4) Partners) Recognition as the official sponsor of one educational meeting and other additional benefits.

BRONZE LEVEL PARTNER -$400 - Level Four (Limited to Twelve (12) Partners) Basic level sponsorship specific benefits apply.

BRONZE LEVEL PARTNER - Spring Seminar Only -$475

WORKSHOP - $100 when registration received and paid prior to 09/01/2018; $150 when registration received and paid after 09/01/2018.  Those registering and payment received prior to 09/01/2018 will receive first option to select workshop date based on level of sponsorship.  Waitlist opportunity to receive discounted $100 rate will be available at time of registration prior to 09/01/2018.  This waitlist opportunity is provided in the event that a Business Partner who registered and paid for workshop is unable to select a a date from those available.  Deadline date for selecting workshop dates for those paying at registration prior to 09/01/2018 must be completed by 10/01/2018.  This 10/01/2018 may be extended by Board should the need arise. 



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