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 Tennyson Center for Children provides residential and therapeutic services, as well as a K-12 school, to Colorado children ages five to 18. The children are survivors of severe abuse or neglect, or have significant mental health or developmental issues. Tennyson Center is often seen as a last resort for children who have nowhere else to go, and they’ve been helping children for more than 112 years.

Tennyson Center works with children, youth and their families to overcome a variety of life crises, including abuse and neglect. Tennyson Center is a community of people dedicated to serving children and youth and strengthening families. We provide competent and caring treatment, education and advocacy services that are community-based, family-focused and child-centered.

With your help, we served 499 children and 1,562 family members last year in our three main programs: Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, and Community-Based Services.

Residential Treatment: providing 24-hour care for children who cannot function in a home environment.

Day Treatment: providing an intensive treatment and education program for children who are able to live at home.

Community-Based Services: providing intensive therapy in the child’s home and community.


  • Monetary donations will be collected in our "Donation Can" at every monthly Chapter meeting.
  • Special collection drives throughout the Chapter year (i.e. Holiday Gift Giving)
  • Chapter volunteer events to be scheduled or individual volunteer opportunities via website
  • Be A Hero donation - If you make a donation through Be a Hero, make sure to let us know the amount by dropping a note into the "Donation Can" so we can add this amount to our total collections.  Here is the link to Tennyson Center for Children page on Be A Hero for ways in which you can donate bedding, towels, cottage needs, etc. directly from their wish list:


Key Facts and Statistics About Child Abuse

In 2014, 20 children in Colorado died from abuse and neglect. Nationwide, 4 to 8 children die every day in the US from abuse and neglect. This has to stop.

Additional child abuse facts and statistics:

  • 9,979 Colorado children experienced abuse and neglect in 2014.
  • Children who die from abuse and neglect are overwhelmingly young; approximately one-half are less than a year old, and 75 percent are under 3 years of age.
  • A call to a child protection hotline is the best predictor of a child’s potential risk of injury death before age 5. We all must report suspected abuse and neglect.
  • A number of children who die were not known to child protective services but were seen by other professionals (e.g., health care), highlighting the importance of coordinated and multisystem efforts.
  • We know a lot about what puts children at risk. Learn more about the signs of abuse.
  • 14% of all men in prison in the USA were abused as children.
  • 36% of all women in prison were abused as children.
  • About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse.


How you can help:

Recognize the signs of abuse
Report any suspected abuse or neglect
Prevent abuse and neglect

Source for facts and statistics above: Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities. (2016). Within our reach: A national strategy to eliminate child abuse and neglect fatalities. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office.

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